July 2011 Newsletter

These are the items appearing in this newsletter:
Partnership Project
The RRS board has been working over the past year looking to expanding our listener base, and maintaining contact with other national organizations who work with the print disabled. At the beginning of this year we renewed contact with the New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, and the Retina Association. These were fruitful meetings and we look forward to keeping in touch and sharing ideas.
We have been upgrading our internet site using streaming audio (listen on line) to improve access and support the expansion of our listener base. Along side of this we are working on the redesign of the website. This will be more user friendly, brighter, and bring us into the 21st century. Through this newsletter we hope to keep you updated on progress and other items of news,

News items
Training Day
Saturday 23rd July 9.30am – 1pm
To be held in the RRS studio rooms.
We are fortunate to have Sharon Crosbie, well known in Radio NZ broadcasting. She will be facilitating the day providing, training, advice and helpful tips.  We will start the day with tea and coffee.
Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be held on August 30th, 7.30pm in the RRS board room. The Board will have a vacancy from August and will be looking for a new member. Your nominations are encouraged and welcome.
Programme Changes
We are reading out Horowhenua Council communications as they become available. Listen for them on …………

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