Radio Reading Newsletter Sept 2012

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The Annual General Meeting
of the Radio Reading Service was held on August 13th. The chairman’s report noted with appreciation the work of staff and volunteers for the year. The focus has been on continued fund raising, updating and maintenance of equipment, further development of the website, expansion of our listener base, developing partnerships, and marketing the service.
It is pleasing to note that each month the numbers visiting our website are increasing. Hopefully this means that a wider audience is discovering and listening to the Radio Reading Service on line. We gain these statistics via the website.
Two exciting stories of interest are a direct result of people getting to know us via the website. One listener, a Kiwi living in Saudi Arabia, accessed our website and contacted her two family members living in Levin, suggesting that this might be something they would be interested in becoming involved in. We now have the two young women training to be readers!
The second website success story is of Nellie from the Hawkes Bay who liked what she saw and heard and has offered to help promote the
RRS by distributing information to various places & people who may use the service. Thank you Nellie!
Our Board meeting this month focused on updating and affirming our business plan, reviewing and ‘ticking off’ the activities of the past year and setting the plan for the next year.
The Activity Plan 2012/13 continues most of the priorities for the previous year, with an emphasis on seeking opportunities to expand our listener base. One very interesting development is an association we have with Access Internet Radio (AIR), which will allow us to have our live radio stream accessed from their website The really exciting part of this project is being able to listen to selected programmes when you want to rather than via the live link. This is done using podcasts, stored audio files which can be listened to at any time. 
Similar principle to "TV On Demand".
Welcome to our new volunteers. We are pleased and grateful to have you with us and hope you find it interesting and rewarding.
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