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Welcome to Radio Reading. My name is Charlotte Clarke and although I’m a rough carpenter by day, I decided to start a nonprofit organization to help the blind and visually impaired in New Zealand. I am not blind nor visually impaired myself, but both of my parents are blind since birth.

While growing up, my siblings and I used to sneak out from the house thinking our parents wouldn’t notice. Little did we knew they were aware of our mischievous behaviour all along. However, mom and dad taught us to be kind and helpful towards everyone, especially the blind and visually impaired.

Whether people suffering from low vision, short-sightedness or corneal cancer, it’s important to treat people the right way. After all, we are all humans and deserve to be respected and included in society.

As I grew up, I wanted to do my deed in this regard. I created Radio Reading to help the visually impaired access information at all times.

Radio Reading is a nonprofit organization and radio station that provide online read news for blind people. We also offer other printed literary materials like books and magazines that are all in Braille and printed format.

This way, the visually impaired community can read by themselves and their family and friends can read the materials for them as well.

Our radio station is always available to inform everyone about the latest news and offer book and news-reading sessions every day at 5 pm. This will serve the visually impaired and make them feel important from the core.